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Coloured Flush Strain Relief Boots

These compact flush strain relief boots are designed to fit our Category 5e and 6 SPEEDY RJ45 plugs.



Click here for drawing 


  • Compact design, suitable for high density use in switches, hubs etc.

  • Extended hood prevents latch snagging other cables

  • Suitable for cable diameter size: approx 5.5mm (PS1*) and 6.2mm (PS6*)

  • Available in a range of colours and transparent 

  • Note: retention 'legs' differ between 'Category 5e' and 'Category 6' versions

Product code: PS1* and PS6*

Materials: coloured PVC body with transparent PC legs


Packaging: supplied in poly bags of 100, then 500


Commodity code: 8517699000





N.B. Due to the differences in design these boots are not suitable for use with all plugs

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