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Strain Relief Over Boots

These strain relief boots are designed to fit large OD cable for use with our PGSPDY3 plugs. 







Product code: PS2*8#100 (* = bk/CLR/wh/gn/bl/rd/yw/gy)


  • Designed to minimise excessive strain on RJ45 connections

  • Extended hood prevents latch snagging other cables

  • Quality materials and intentional weak point in hood enable continued ease of latch depression over time

  • Suitable for cable diameter size 8mm approx.

  • Available in a range of colours and transparent


  • Weight: 198.5g (bag of 100)

  • Dimensions (bag of 100): 180 x 210 x 30mm approx. 

  • Materials: PVC


Packaging: Bagged in 100s and then in bag of 500


Commodity code: 85369010

Country of Origin: Taiwan

EAN numbers:

            PS2bk8#100: 5055386501042

            PS2CLR8#100: 5055386502582
            PS2wh8#100: 5055386501059

            PS2Gn8#100: 5055386509055
            PS2Bl8#100: 5055386509062

            PS2Rd8#100: 5055386509079

            PS2Yw8#100: 5055386509093

            PS2Gy8#100: 5055386509086



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