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SPEEDY RJ45 Ratchet Crimp Tool

Our ratchet crimp tool is designed for professional installers using  SPEEDY RJ45 and standard, non-feedthrough, 8p8c (RJ45) plugs. This superior quality tool has been specially designed to ensure that SPEEDY RJ45  terminations are not only faster than using other plugs but also consistent, reliable and repeatable.


















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  • Crimps SPEEDY RJ45 Category 5, 6, 6A and 8 plugs as well as standard (non feed-through) RJ45 plugs

  • On SPEEDY RJ45 crimps and trims surplus wires in a single operation, with a neat, flush finish

  • Heavy duty, high quality tool designed for every day use

  • 2x ‘V’ shaped facility for crimping rear shielding grip onto cables of differing outer diameter

  • Ratchet will release when required pressure has been applied

  • Ratchet ensures correct pressure when crimping plugs

  • Ergonomic handles are comfortable to use and give maximum leverage with minimum effort

  • Crimps RJ45 plugs with only 1 compression point

  • Precise CNC ground fabricated teeth for crimper

  • Every termination meets FCC specifications

  • Suitable for cable diameters OD 8mm


  • Materials:

    • Frame: S45C middle carbon steel with black oxide finish.

    • Crimp head: zinc alloy

    • Grip: ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) + Polypropylene (PP)

    • Blade material: SK5

  • Colour: red/black

  • Weight: 538g approx

Product code: TRCSPDY5 


  • Supplied in individual white box


Replacement Blades (TBSPDY5)


Supplied as a pack of two cutting blades with fixing screw, this replacement blade kit ensures that crimping performance levels are maintained throughout the life of the SPEEDY RJ45 crimp tool.



















  • •    High performance trimming blade guarantees a flush wire trim of surplus conductors.
    •    Cutting and stripping blade enables convenient terminations without need for additional tooling.


  • Blade material: SK5

Product code: TBSPDY4#10 


  • Supplied in a set of 2 blades, then in packs of 10

TRCSPDY5 Ratchet crimp tool for RJ45 plugs with capacity to crimp sheilded plugs with large OD cabel.


TBSPDY5 blades, replacement blades for TRCSPDY5
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