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Category 6A Field Termination Plug

Feedthrough plugs are not well suited to manage cables with thick inner cores (ie over 1.2mm OD). This Category 6A plug offers a solution for such larger cables which is time-saving and efficient for on-site assemblies.



Click here for drawing and instruction manual 



  • Category 6A Class EA Field Termination Plug, with 568A/B and PNO wiring label

  • Robust industrial fully shielded design

  • Works with solid or stranded cable

  • Suitable for use with a wide range of cable outer diameter and core sizes - 6-9 mm cable OD, 22-27 AWG cores (core including insulation up to OD 1.6mm)

  • Reusable (27AWG cable only reusable up to 5 times)

  • No tools required for time saving and efficient termination on site

  • Rated for 750 mechanical cycles

  • Note: not ideal for short length (4m or less) Category 6A patch cords


Specifications ​​

  • Materials:

    • RJ45 plug: housing: nickel plated zinc-alloy, contacts 50µ"/1.27µm gold plating over phosphor bronze

    • plug cover: ABS, plug latch: POM​​

    • RJ45 jack: housing nickel plated zinc-alloy

    • IDC: housing and cover: PC FR, terminals/contacts: tin plated phosphor bronze

    • Earthing plate: SUS304

    • Strain relief: PP

Product code: PGSmc

EAN Number: 5055386505934

Packaging: Individually packed in poly bags, then in bags of 20 


PGSmc assembly video

PGSmc assembly video

Play Video
PGSmc - Cat6A field termination plug.jpg

Assembly video

Illustrative Image

Cat6A Cores Illustrative Shot.jpg

Large cores are unable to fit into most feed through plugs, PGSmc offers an effective solution. Our PGSPDY3 is also a feedthrough plug designed for large cores.

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