Category 6A Field Termination Plug

Feedthrough plugs are not well suited to manage cables with thick inner cores (ie over 1.2mm OD). This Category 6A plug offers a solution for such larger cables which is time-saving and efficient for on-site assemblies.



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  • Category 6A Class EA Field Termination Plug, with 568A/B and PNO wiring label

  • Robust industrial fully shielded design

  • Works with solid or stranded cable

  • Suitable for use with a wide range of cable outer diameter and core sizes - 6-9 mm cable OD, 22-27 AWG cores (core including insulation up to OD 1.6mm)

  • Reusable (27AWG cable only reusable up to 5 times)

  • No tools required for time saving and efficient termination on site

  • Rated for 750 mechanical cycles

  • Note: not ideal for short length (4m or less) Category 6A patch cords


Specifications ​​

  • Materials:

    • RJ45 plug: housing: nickel plated zinc-alloy, contacts 50µ"/1.27µm gold plating over phosphor bronze

    • plug cover: ABS, plug latch: POM​​

    • RJ45 jack: housing nickel plated zinc-alloy

    • IDC: housing and cover: PC FR, terminals/contacts: tin plated phosphor bronze

    • Earthing plate: SUS304

    • Strain relief: PP

Product code: PGSmc

EAN Number: 5055386505934

Packaging: Individually packed in poly bags, then in bags of 20 


PGSmc assembly video

PGSmc assembly video

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PGSmc - Cat6A field termination plug.jpg

Assembly video

Illustrative Image

Cat6A Cores Illustrative Shot.jpg

Large cores are unable to fit into feed through plugs, PGSmc offers an effective solution to this problem.