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Contractor Grade Category 6 Shielded SPEEDY RJ45 Plug

PXSPDY6Sb - Cat 6 SPEEDY RJ45 plugs, shielded.jpg

Our plugs are designed to simplify twisted pair terminations by allowing the wire pairs to be easily inserted through the plug and out of the front. This allows the installer to easily check the wiring order before crimping the connector. Twist is maintained more easily enabling a better performing crimp. Waste is minimised and the plugs are suitable for either stranded or solid wires.


















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  • Allows Category 6 twisted pair wires to be inserted through the body and pulled out of the front to ensure the correct wiring order before crimping

  • By pulling the cores into the plug, twists can easily be maintained up to the contacts, enabling fully rated category performance

  • Contact blades are suitable for stranded or solid wire cores from 22‐26 AWG (0.65 – 0.40mm), with insulation up to 0.98 ± 0.04mm O.D

  • Perfect solution for rapid termination

  • Suitable for termination of solid or stranded STP cables with sheath O.D. of 5.0 – 6.5mm

  • Faults and failures minimised

  • Simple one piece design

  • Shielded cable can be easily terminated without need for soldering

  • Foil wrap included to improve performance of shielding

  • N.B. Must be used with suitable crimp tool i.e TRCSPDY3

  • Designed for use with polycarbonate flush strain relief boots (PSPDY6) and coloured PVC flush strain relief boots (PS6)











  • Materials:

                       Housing: Polycarbonate UL94‐V0
                       Contact pin: 50”µ/1.27 µm gold plating over nickel over phosphor bronze
                       Shell: Phosphor bronze
                       Foil wrap: Aluminium



  • Electrical:

                       Contact resistance: 30milliΩ max.
                       Insulation resistance: DC 300V, 100 MegaΩ min.
                       Dielectric withstanding voltage: 300V AC for one minute



  • Mechanical:

                       Working temperature: ‐25‐55˚C
                       Durability: 1000 mating cycles min.
                       Tensile strength between plug and jack is higher than 7.7kg



Supplied in polybags of 10, then 100, then 500. Also available with reduced packaging as bags of 200

10:          PXSPDY6Sb#10
100:        PXSPDY6Sb#100

200:        PXSPDY6Sb#200 (Supplied loose in bag)
500:        PXSPDY6Sb#500

EAN number: 5055386506900

Assembly Video

Cat6 Termination

Cat6 Termination

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Illustrative Image

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